IMRI Net Weigh Bag Filler

IMRI Net Weigh Bag Filler

Make Industrial Machinery Research Institute
Model 7S1217
Serial Number CANA 1
Condition Good

Ideal for chunky and wet product.

– buggies lift and dump in to hopper
– hopper augers portion into bucket
– bucket is weighed before it empties into stand-up pouch
– pouch moves along conveyor to bag sealer

(A) Filling Station
72″L x 76″W x 106″H
110/220 V | 20/10 A | Single Phase | ¾ Hp

(B) Bucket Weigh Station
50″L x 57″W x 62″H
Metal buckets: 4″ dia x 8″ deep
120 V | 10 A | Single Phase | 60 Hz

(C) Bagging Station
39½”L x 52″W x 60″H
Bag size: 10″W x 12″H
125 V | 25 A | Single Phase | 60 Hz

Equipped with 3-phase induction motor

Needs a vacuum sealer or bag sealer on the end.

Previously filled bags with wet seaweed salad product.


1119-A  B2
1119-B  CC6
1119-C  CC6



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