Inline Rounding Conveyor

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Inline Rounding Conveyor


Dimensions (L x W x H)72" x 29" x 39"
Power220 V | 0.56 A | 3 Ph

Designed to roll dough into balls and mould into logs.

Infeed from left to right: drop portions by hand or connect to a depositor.

Main conveyor belt: 71″L x 10.25″W, work height: 27″

Rotary rounding plate: 17″L x 7-7/8″W
Powered by a Panasonic 90W induction motor and gearbox (head).

Moulding plate: 7″L x 12.5″W (adjustable height from main conveyor)

Short conveyor belt: 10.5″L x 10.25″. This one has a lever to disconnect from motor when not needed.

Tested working condition.




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