Wittemann 3″ Pinpoint Carbonator Housing

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Wittemann 3″ Pinpoint Carbonator Housing

MakeWittemann Hasselberg
Dimensions (L x W x H)20" x 8.5" x 11"
Serial Number68387
Location CodeB7

Designed for highest CO2 saturation, and gas-to-liquid bonding.

Suited for not only beer, but water, soda, and wine too. Also used for nitrogen injection ad wort aeration.

Micro-porous, stainless steel injector plates disperse very fine, 5-9 micron-size bubbles.

Beer passes across the plates as a thin liquid film, immediately receiving full CO2 saturation.

The foam head remains stable over long time periods; when the head does recede, CO2 saturation continues to hold at a high level.

Max capacity: 350 barrels / 181 gpm

Simple in-line installation, in either vertical or horizontal line runs.

Comes with attachments.

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