Complete Bottling Line

Complete Bottling Line

A complete beverage line for carbonated soft drinks as well as non-carbonated beverages (water, tea, juices up to 8% content etc.), that would produce 500-600ml, 1 liter, 1.5 liter and 2 liter carbonated soft drinks in PET bottles and consisting of multiple pieces of machinery that are integrated sequentially in a  single production line.


  • 40-valve Meyer gravity filler, rated at a maximum filling velocity of 300 bottles per minute
  • 8-head Zalkin bottle capper which can handle both screw and press-on caps
  • Mojonier Carbo-Cooler processing unit
  • Trine 4500 labeling machine
  • SJ industries bottle rinser
  • VideoJet date coder
  • Spartan packer equipment
  • Case washer
  • Conveyors
  • Complete liquid sugar facility
  • Complete syrup room
  • The water treatment plant is a coagulation system with storage tank 2 charcoal filters, sand filter, chlorine injection and polishing filters

  • Integrated Clean-in-Place sanitation piped-in system covering all of the production facility (syrup, sugar and processing plant)
  • water treatment system rated at 5,000 gallons per hour
  • 4000-4500 cases (of 24’s) per day or 13,000 bottles per hour

Key facts about the line

  • All the equipment met and exceeded Coca-Cola QA standards and was maintained and improved with new technology (e.g. more efficient filler valves, better rinser, etc.
  • Last production run: May 2010
  • The plant received Coca-Cola’s global quality award in 1999

The plant was decommissioned in a manner as to allow for a smooth future recommissioning as we were looking to re-activate the line somewhere in the future.