Doyon Jet Air 4-Pan Electric Oven

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Doyon Jet Air 4-Pan Electric Oven

Serial Number269
Power120/208 V | 39/22 A | 3 Phase
Location CodeD8

The JA series has a unique Jet-Air system: the air moves in one direction, stops, then moves the other way, resulting in a bi-directional and gentle velocity air flow that helps you bake faster and more evenly without having to turn pans.

Oven can hold 4 standard sheet pans (18″ x 26″), or 4 strapped bread pans up to 8½” long,  or up to 24 (9″) pies.


  • Fan delay
  • 500°F max temperature
  • Manual shot steam injection
  • Heat reflective thermo glass doors

Oven: 32½” wide x 40″ deep x 31″ high

Interior: 27½” wide x 20″ deep x 17½” high

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