Rasch-Köln TR Chocolate Tempering Machine

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Rasch-Köln TR Chocolate Tempering Machine

Make Rasch-Köln
Model TR
Dimensions (L x W x H) 96" x 54" x 84"
Power 220/380 V | 50 Hz

Melts and heats chocolate to 110°F, then cools it to 84°F before delivering to the enrobing line.

The tempering tub is double-lined and is heated with a warm water system.

The tub is 31″W and 12″D, and is equipped with a scrape-agitator, so all ingredients are well mixed.

Includes a Siemens Touch Screen.

Previously paired with this Neilsen Chocolate Enrobing Line.

Powered by various electric motors by ZET, Siemens, and Süddeutsche



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