Döpke SKM 5 Horizontal Kneader

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Döpke SKM 5 Horizontal Kneader


ModelSKM 5
Dimensions (L x W x H)70" x 70" x 58"
Serial Number97114
Power220 V | 35 A | 3 Phase

A horizontal kneading and mixing machine for rye dough, whole-grain dough, mixed-types of dough, and sensitive fruit dough.

Position of kneading arm, which matches the contours of the conical base off the tub, allows for intensive mixing and kneading for short periods of time.

Equipped with a rotating auger to extrude dough through the moulding nozzle.

Tub: 58″ diameter x 24″ deep

Powered by a Hew R132S/4 Motor, and a Nord 32-R Gear Box.

Previously used in a Pumpernickel Line.

Tested working condition.

Manual available.





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