Bagel Line

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Bagel Line

Full Line from mixing to formed product ready for the oven.

The line includes the following items:

  • VMI Berto Italia Mixer – 300KG
    • Serial: 1171
    • 208V, 60HZ
    • Removable Bowl
  • VMI Berto Italia Bowl Lift
    • Model: SN
    • Serial: 1172
    • 208V, 60HZ
    • lifts and dumps mixer bowl dough onto table
  • SS Processing Table
    • 4′ Wide, 8′ Long
    • Used for cutting dough into strips to be loaded into bagel former
  • Global Bakery Bagel Dough Divider
    • Model: S-90
    • 220V, 60HZ
    • Divides the loaded strips of dough into chunks pre-forming
  • Global Bakery Bagel Former
    • Model: GBM-7
    • 220V, 60HZ
    • Forms the dough into a bagel, drops onto small accumulation platter on end of unit


Taken out of production March 2018, all in good working order.

Production rate was 600-800 bagels per hour.

1801 and 1802 B5