JAC Chute LCS-450 Bread Slicer

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JAC Chute LCS-450 Bread Slicer

ModelChute LCS 450/13
Dimensions (L x W x H)26" x 36" x 26"
Serial Number17102650
Power120 V | 5.35 A | Single Phase | 60 Hz

High capacity, double-width, gravity-feed, bread slicer with horizontal bag blower.

Still in mint condition after only 6 months of use.

Great for soft and crusty artisan breads, it can accommodate two 8″ long loaves at one time. Max loaf dimensions: 17.3″ x 6.3″.

Slices up to 500 loaves per hour.

Slice thickness: 0.5″

Removable crumb collector: 18L capacity.

Comes with a “last loaf” pusher.

Emergency shut off.

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