Hinds-Bock 5P-08T Muffin Depositor

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Hinds-Bock 5P-08T Muffin Depositor

Dimensions (L x W x H)48" x 43" x 74"
Serial Number1895
Location CodeCC6

Pneumatic five-piston depositor not only ideal for muffins, but cupcakes and sheet cakes too.

Capacity: 2-8 ounces per deposit.

Rate: 900-1,300 dozen per hour

Originally a tabletop model, this unit is mounted on a stand 33″L x 32″W x 38.25″H

Batter infeed height: 73″

Deposit height: 48″

Hopper – Top: 44.5″L x 25″W, Bottom: 18″L x 2.25″W, Depth: 20″
Volume approx 120 quarts (30 gallons)

Comes with two extra deposit rollers.

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