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Unifiller iSpot DFB Depositor

Make Unifiller
Model DFB
Dimensions (L x W x H) 36" x 34" x 67"
Condition Good

Allows you to draw and portion smooth products Directly From Bowl or pail.

User-friendly, compact and portable

Ergonomic handheld nozzle 10½” long
Takes all standard bakery tips

Silicone hose: 5 foot length
Working press 300 psi, burst press 1200 psi
Temp range -30°C – 70°C

Product cylinder 46″ long

Fits containers up to 23″ deep (80 qt Hobart bowl)

Comes with quick-start guide, spare parts kit, Jet air filter regulator, and Ingersoll-Rand air filter

Manufacturer’s website

Tested working condition


1951 C1



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