CIM-Comas 3-Roller Dough Extruder

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CIM-Comas 3-Roller Dough Extruder

Location CodeD8

The extruder receives the dough slabs from the guillotine hopper, and forms it into a continuous dough sheet.

A photo-electric cell in the hopper controls the forward motion of the guillotine hopper, and keeps the dough moving.

Telemecanique XCK-J H7 Limit Switch regulates start, stop and acceleration.

Vibco SPRT-21 Vibrator improves flow from hopper through rollers.

Infeed Hopper: outside rim 31″L x 24″W, inside dimensions 23½”L x 17″W x 16″D

Rollers: 23½”L

Part of this Laminating Line


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